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Russian Emo Giving Head Job

It’s not only in America where emo girls exist. It’s all around the world including Russia! Yes, even communist countries such as Russia have hot Russian Emo girls.  How can you tell its Russian? If you look at all the carpet on the means its taking place in the mother land. Russian baby! This emo slut maybe made in Russia but she has the same blowing and cum swallowing skills as the American emos.



Clothed Emo Wearing Blue Shirt Short Blowjob Video

Amateur emo wearing a blue shirt sucking dick for 15 seconds.  It maybe a short video but it’s 100% amateur. (more…)


Super Sexy Emo Girl Goes Topless While Dancing

Short haired emo chick with purple highlights in her hair, shaking her booty to some song then goes topless.  This emo chick is hot.  She has tattoo all over her nice and fit body and ass. I am surprised I didn’t see any piercing on her. (more…)


Young and Hot Real EMO Girls Making Out

One of the best emo kissing videos ever to hit the internet are these two 18 year old emo girls French kissing each other infront of a live webcam audience. Very hot video even if they were just kissing (more…)


Big Breasted Emo Black and White Handjob Video

Amateur video of this big tittied emo slut giving a  hand job shot in black and white.  She would stroke it hard and do some lite sucking while at it… It’s just weird watching this video of this emo chick  chick playing with that weird looking mushroom shaped cock. But I digress.  She sucked his cock until he busted in her mouth. And that’s all that matters! (more…)


Kayden 420 – Skinny Emo Chick Giving A Footjob

In this video, you have an emo chick named Kayden, stroking her boyfriend’s cock with her sexy feet .  Kayden is one skinny and flexible emo slut.  I wouldn’t mind her giving me a footjob at all!.  Just as long as she can make me cum whether its a handjob, blowjob, footjob.. anything LOL.  Foot job works better with guys with big dicks (more…)


Amateur Emo Teen Bathroom Masturbation

I noticed  that alot of these emo chicks do self shot pictures and videos while they are in the bathroom by themselves. Emo chicks seem to have a higher sex drive than your typical teenage girl. And for some reason they are better looking than most girls, sexier, slimmer,.. just perfect! Let me show what I am talking about. Check out this video (more…)


Meet My GF – Horny Emo GF Blowjob In Closet

So, this freaky emo gf’s boyfriend decided to send in a video of his emo GF sucking his dick while they are locked in a small room.  All of their emo friends are outside partying while this couple decided to sneak into this tiny room for a quick oral fixation where they can shoot their first ever emo porn.  She unzips his pants and whips out his huge cock for her mouth to feast on.  Check out this amateur video! (more…)


One Last Fuck – Pink Haired Emo POV Sex

Big tittied, pink haired, emo girl with nose piercing, getting her pussy drilled hard.  The video starts off with her getting fucked missionary style. Then she goes from laying on her back to getting on her knees just so she can suck this guy’s huge emo cock and user both her hands at the same time to stroke his long cock.  Then he sticks his long cock between her tiny firm  breasts. (more…)


Amateur Short Haired Emo Chick Gives Blowjob

Cute amateur emo chick in black top sucking cock while her emo boyfriend is using his iphone 4s to record her use her sexy lips make him cum.  After sucking his cock, she sticks his dick between her breasts for a quick titty fuck.  She continues to suck his dick with her clothes on until he busted all her gorgeous face and into her mouth (more…)

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